Current Vacancies

We offer a range of roles including part-time, casual and fixed-term contracts that are intended to reflect the developmental stage of the employee and meet the needs of the client.

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Why Work for Beautiful Canoe?

Beautiful Canoe is a small, agile, not-for-profit social enterprise set up to support the communities that Aston University serves which includes its students, businesses and professions and the region and society in which we are based. The nature of the company allows it to work with businesses, public sector bodies or charities and not-for-profits that share our skills development objectives; otherwise would not have the capability of ensuring that they can take full advantage of the technologies available to them; or, would benefit from the expertise available through Beautiful Canoe's direct links into Aston University.

Our teams receive training and mentorship from our leadership team. We work with associates at Aston University and our partners, to ensure that projects are managed by those with the best skills and expertise for the job.

Enhancing Employability for Students and Graduates

Much of our work is undertaken by recent graduates and students because a key aspect of Beautiful Canoe’s work is to enhance their employability. We provide them with professional development and opportunities to refine their knowledge and expertise by working on genuine, commercial projects for real clients. The Beautiful Canoe experience is being mapped to certain professional standards so that our staff can work toward professional qualifications.

"When you're interviewing and you have a number of students you can almost tell those that have done the Beautiful Canoe experience before you talk about Beautiful Canoe... Beautiful Canoe gives students that ... stepping stone that really lets them get far more confident in their own abilities and the ability to make that jump from academia into industry"
-- Steve Pitchford, Majestic.

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Sharing Your Expertise

If you are an academic or professional with particular expertise in digital, engineering, sciences and business and are interested in undertaking consultancy for external organisations, we can provide you with the management and support to make your capabilities available to a wider audience. We offer a one-stop management shop to support you including:

  • A single place for external organisations to find you and your capabilities
  • All contracting arrangements, according to your agreement
  • Training for delivery
  • Support initiating meetings and negotiations
  • Performance review
  • Market review to determine your daily rates

Our Values and Attitudes

We see Beautiful Canoe and the expertise that we have and can access as contributing to the community that Aston University serves, but we are also there for our staff - when we originally founded Beautiful Canoe we established a set of values to help guide our work and the way we approach our business.


Julien Barney

Julien Barney

Chief Executive Officer

If you're interested in working with us, say and our CEO, Julien Barney will be in touch.